Holy Shit!

Ach Du Scheisse!
Status: Completed Availability: Market Premiere

Architect Frank wakes up from unconsciousness – squashed in a building site toilet. And it gets worse: In order not to be blown up during the imminent demolition, Frank must make his way out of his blue grave in one hour. A race against time begins.
HOLY SHIT!, the black-humoured real-time thriller by Lukas Rinker is the ultimate worst-case scenario. It is both possible and unimaginable – Think of PHONE BOOTH meets 127 HOURS, but shit gets real!

DIRECTOR: Lukas Rinker
VERSION: German (OV) with English Subtitles
RELEASE: Studio Hamburg Enterprises, Summer 2022


From its opening moments Rinker’s Holy Shit! has his hooks set into us. The trap has been set and now we need to know from one preposterous moment to the next how Frank will manage to escape. It all comes together in doses of absurd comedy, legit horror and toilet humor, both literal and figurative.