Caged Birds

(Bis wir tot sind oder frei)
Status: Completed Availability: Screener available

Barbara Hug is a young radical lawyer fighting Switzer­land’s anti­quated prison system in the 1980s. Walter Stürm is a charmer and chancer. Taunting the esta­blish­ment with his outrageous thefts and media savvy he’s in and often escaping out of jail and becomes known as the Jailbreak King. When the two meet an unlikely alliance is formed. Barbara wants to use Walter’s popularity for her social reform goals. But the less Walter yields to her reasoning, the more she falls for the fascination of his uncompromising desire for freedom. Walter becomes the rock against which she beats in vain and will grow. A radical partnership conflicting priorities between state repression and personal freedom.

DIRECTOR: Oliver Rihs
VERSION: Swiss-German & German (OV) with English, French, German Subtitles
RELEASE: Ascot Elite, Switzerland, November 25, 2021 | Port au Prince Picture, Germany, January 2022