Family & Fun

Young Winnetou And The Lost Buffalos

(Der junge Häuptling Winnetou)
Status: Completed Availability: Market Premiere

Although he is still young, Winnetou (12) already considers himself a great warrior and wants to prove this to his father. When his people are threatened by a famine, Winnetou sees his chance to show his courage. He receives support from his sister and a boy from the town who is supposed to be his enemy.
YOUNG WNNETOU AND THE LOST BUFFALOS is a Karl May hero-inspired adventure and comes from the producers of successful family series like THE WILD SUCCER BUNCH or WINDSTORM. The main role is played by rising star Mika Ullritz (SUCK ME SHAKESPEER 3) and lets us imagine what Winnetou might have been like in his younger days.

DIRECTOR: Mike Marzuk
VERSION: German (OV) with English Subtitles / English dub (coming soon)


Lucy Wanted

Lucy ist jetzt Gangster
Status: Completed Availability: Market Premiere

Lucy (10), a charming and well-mannered girl, has decided to go off the rails. Just a few weeks ago she wouldn’t even have crossed the road on a red light, but now she has to save her parents’ ice cream parlour at any cost. After careful consideration, however, she sees only one possibility : “Operation Lucyfer”.
LUCY WANTED is a family comedy directed by Till Endemann (MOON LANDING) and provides fun, moral winks and a large portion of adventure. Kostja Ullmann (FLESH AND BLOOD) is among the cast.

DIRECTOR: Till Endemann
VERSION: German (OV) with English Subtitles
RELEASE: Wild Bunch Germany, Q2 2022

Lifeguard Off Duty

Beckenrand Sheriff
Status: Completed Availability: Screener available

Lifeguard Karl cannot and will not come to terms with the fact that his beloved open-air swimming pool, where he has been responsible for public order for 30 years, is to be demolished. Meanwhile, trainee Sali really just wants to go to Canada, but when he meets professional swimmer Lisa, he begins to question his plan. Should he stay, help Karl and save Lisa’s refuge? Karl also seems to have more than just a love for the chlorine paradise…
LIFEGUARD OFF DUTY is the latest film by the successful German director Marcus H. Rosenmüller (THE KEEPER) and is a laconic hymn to life, community and ultimately love. Starring Milan Peschel (THE CAPTAIN) and Johanna Wokalek (THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX).

DIRECTOR: Marcus H. Rosenmüller
VERSION: German (OV) with English Subtitles
RELEASE: Leonine, Germany September 9, 2021