Family & Fun

The Ogglies

Welcome to Smelliville

(Die Olchis – Willkommen in Schmuddelfing)
Status: Completed Availability: Screener available

The Ogglies arrive in Smelliville. But they are not welcome. A nasty building contractor wants to banish them. In the big Oggly adventure movie, the Oggly children save their new home together with their friends Max and Lotta.

The family animation is based on a children’s book series, which was translated into more than 13 languages and is co-directed by animation veterans Jens Møller (LEGO Star Wars tv series) and Toby Genkel (Oops! Noah Is Gone… & Yakari), adapted for the big screen by WunderWerk, the producers of YAKARI.

DIRECTOR: Jens Møller, Toby Genkel
VERSION: English (OV)
RELEASE: Leonine, Germany July 22, 2021


Lifeguard Off Duty

Beckenrand Sheriff
Status: Completed Availability: Market Premiere

Gags are guaranteed as Karl, a candidate for Grumpiest Lifeguard Ever, seeks to save the love of his life, the local swimming pool, from closure. Luckily he has his ‘deputy’, the asylum-seeker Sali, by his side and after a few initial difficulties the whole village of Grubberg joins in. A laconic hymn to life, community and, in the end, love.

“Lifeguard off Duty” is the newest film by the very successful German director Marcus H. Rosenmüller, who is responsible for movies such as “Double Trouble & The Magical Mirror” and “The Keeper”.

DIRECTOR: Marcus H. Rosenmüller
VERSION: German (OV) with English Subtitles
RELEASE: Leonine, Germany September 9, 2021


Young Winnetou And The Lost Buffalos

(Der junge Häuptling Winnetou)
Status: In Post Production Availability: Trailer available

While 12-year-old chief’s son WINNETOU sees himself already as a great warrior, his father INTSCHU-TSCHUNA believes that his son still has a lot to learn. When the buffalo herd fails to arrive, threatening the tribe’s survival, Winnetou seizes the opportunity to prove himself to his father. Together with his sister NSCHO-TSCHI and the young orphan TOM, Winnetou sets off on a dangerous adventure to save the people of the Apache.

“Young Winnetou” is from the producers of successful family franchises such as “The Wild Soccer Bunch”, “The Famous Five” and “Windstorm”.

DIRECTOR: Mike Marzuk
VERSION: German (OV) with English Subtitles / English dub (coming soon)
RELEASE: Warner Bros. Entertainment, Germany February 24, 2022